Buying a franchise

Should I buy a Franchise?

Australia, like the rest of the world, was hit hard by COVID and it shifted society drastically. From the way people interact, to medical care and even the workforce. Everything was restricted and shut down as the government tried to control the pandemic from spreading. Now many workers are returning to the office as restrictions ease, only to find that it’s impossible to adjust back to an office environment.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you then perhaps you should considered working for yourself. Working from home gave people a taste of autonomy and freedom, without the bureaucratic red-tape and office politics. Imagine the benefits of being your own boss and colleague, where you can control and develop your own small business while being supported by a larger business network.

Franchising might be the solution to your worries, because according to Business Queensland (2020), it costs less to purchase a franchise than to start your own from scratch. You can receive training and ongoing support, as well as advertising and a previously tried and tested business image.

For example, Pulse Home Services is Australia’s #1 franchise for home services. Pulse Home Services have 5 service groups to choose from, with all required equipment and training included and no lead fees. The best part about Pulse Home Services is the ongoing support and training provided to ensure you feel secure in your new business endeavour.

Pulse Home Services are a trusted name in the franchise industry, and can guide you along as you enjoy lean overheads and incredible chances for profit.

For more information on specific franchises available within Pulse Home Services, call 1300 697 857. You will speak with the support team who can answer whatever questions you have, and can get you started on your new life today!


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