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Is buying a franchise a good investment?

Franchising is fraught with fear and apprehension. Unfortunately, there is a culture of assumption and guesswork surrounding investing in franchising, and that usually stems from rumour and misinformation. The best thing you can do before deciding if you are for or against franchising is to speak with a trained professional. Friends and family can mean well, but unless they are presently managing franchise operations, their opinions are just that: opinions. Media can also spread ‘worst-case scenarios’ that are not accurate representations of what franchising actually is, and much of it is simply exaggerated for TV ratings.

In reality, deciding to franchise with a reputable and seasoned business like Pulse Home Services is quite straightforward and stress-free.

The costs are set out for you in a reliable and regular manner, so that there are no sneaky surprises (unlike going into business alone). Ongoing support, IT, marketing, legal support, trademarking, branding and administration support are all covered and at a set price. This flat fee is a much lower price when working as a franchise compared to an individual business, because that franchise is part of a greater whole. Being part of a larger company grants certain financial benefits, especially when it comes to business overhead and expenditure.

That ongoing flat fee includes access to trained professionals who understand the exact issues you might face, and can recommend easy solutions. Everything is set out for you, minimising the unease that first business owners tend to face alone.

Rather than scouring the internet at all hours of the night, Pulse Home Services will be available to soothe your fears and answer whatever questions you have. You don’t have to figure it all out for yourself because it’s already been done for you. Call Pulse Home Services on 1300 697 857 and speak with a franchise expert today, they have found the answers so you don’t have to.

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